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How do I get more product information?
The most important information that our technical support staff and dealers need is the catalog number. By entering it correctly, you will speed up the solution of your problem and avoid mistakes. You can find it just below the product description. You can address your inquiries to e-mail, phone or livechat.

What is part of a stainless steel post?
The stainless steel post includes an anchor rosette, a cover rosette (in the case of a post that is anchored from the top), crossbar or glass holders and a handrail holder.

Is it necessary to weld stainless steel railings?
No, the stainless steel railing from our offer is a folding system. You will need common tools for its assembly (Allen key, glue, hammer, drill, set of wrenches, screwdriver, ...)

Why don't the glass holders come with a seal?
The glass holders from our offer are suitable for several sizes of glass, so the seal for your specific size must be purchased separately. See the related product at the bottom of the screen for a seal for a specific glass size. You will need two pieces of gasket per glass holder.

Are the goods in stock?
You can check stock availability right on the web. After opening the item, just above the price is "In stock". In the product detail, you will see the stock availability in our warehouses.

Where can I see your products?
Our products at our branches will be happy to show you our products. Before visiting, check stock availability according to the instructions above and remember the catalog number.

Is it still necessary to treat forged semi-finished products?
Forged semi-finished products are delivered in the raw state. We recommend galvanizing and painting them before finalization.

Which kit is suitable for my cantilever gate?
To calculate the correct set for a cantilever gate, we recommend using our configurator "Gate profile sizing", which can be found on the right side of the page footer, or by clicking here. After entering the gate weight and opening clearance, the system will suggest suitable sets.

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