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Terms of delivery

The approximate delivery date is within 4 working days from the date of delivery of the confirmation of dispatch of the goods.
The delivery date begins with the dispatch of the goods (delivery of the goods to the carrier), of which the buyer is informed by a sent SMS message / email.
Upon delivery of goods on delivery, the carrier receives cash from the customer. Payment of cash on delivery to the carrier using a payment card is not possible.
The price of transport depends on the weight and length of the goods. Based on these values, each order is individually calculated and the price is displayed in the baket.
Each purchase is individually assessed and a discount on shipping can be provided.

In the case of payment by advance invoice, the goods are dispatched only after receipt of payment to the supplier's account.
In the case of the customer's request to remove an incomplete order, the transport is charged for each shipment separately.
The supplier does not transport flat glass!
- The buyer can pick up the sheet glass at the branch, or to arrange own transport upon agreement.

The buyer is obliged to properly take over the goods from the carrier, check the integrity of the packaging, the number of packages and in case of any defects immediately notify the carrier.

Online payments are provided for us by the ComGate payment gateway. The service provider, ComGate Payments, a.s., is a licensed Payment Institution operating under the supervision of the Czech National Bank. Payments made through the payment gateway are fully secured and all information is encrypted.

Credit card payment

The fastest way to pay online. In the ComGate payment gateway interface you will enter the card number, validity and CVC code (three numbers, on the back of the credit card).

Everything is secured by the 3D Secure standard, so you will probably be asked to enter code, which you will receive from your bank.

Supported card:

Supported cards

Payment by bank transfer

Immediate payment via internet banking. The ComGate payment gateway redirects you to your internet banking, where you log in as usual and confirm the already prepared payment order.

Supported banks:

Supported banks

After completing the payment, you will be redirected back to the store. Payment is confirmed immediately, we will continue to execute the order without delay.

Contact on gateway provider

ComGate Payments, a.s.

Gočárova třída 1754 / 48b, Hradec Králové

E-Mail: platby-podpora@comgate.cz

Tel.: +420 228 224 267

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